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As amended May 2019



Section 1   The Club existing under these by-laws to be known as "POST 980",
  incorporated under the laws of Pennsylvania on 7 June 1978.


Section 1   The management of the Club is entrusted to a Board. This governing body shall be
  known as "the Executive Board".

Section 2  The Executive Board shall be all elected officers of the Post, the 4 elected
  Members at Large and the outgoing Commander.

Section 3 The Executive Board will meet at least once a month and as often as the Commander
  deems necessary. A meeting of the Executive Board shall be called upon a joint written
  request to the Commander of four or more members thereof. Eight members of the
  Board shall constitute a quorum thereof.

Section 4  The Executive Board shall make recommendations to the Post membership for their
  approval by vote and perform such duties as are specified in these by-laws. The Board
  shall be subject to the orders of the Post membership and none of its acts shall conflict
  with the action approved by the membership. The Board will hear reports of committee
  chairpersons. They will plan the direction of the Club and analyze reports for the
  progress of present and future programs.

Section 5 The Executive Board shall have the authority to approve the purchase of any major
  item or contract that is $2,000.00 or less. All funds above $2,000.00 must be approved
  by the membership prior to use. In extreme emergencies, at least five (5) Executive
  Board members must be contacted and approve the use of funds above the allotted
  amount. This will be reported as such at the next membership meeting.

Section 6  The Executive Board will have final determination on the compensation, hiring and
  dismissal of all employees. In the case of a dismissal, a member of the Executive
  Board must attend and appear at any and all hearings concerning that case.

Section 7 The Executive Board shall abide by these by-laws and shall have full authority to
  ensure that all members accept and obey all laws and rules of the Club.


Section 1 It shall be the duty of the Post Commander to preside at all meetings of the Club.
  He/she shall have general supervision over the business and affairs of the Club.
  He/she shall serve as the Chairman of the Executive Board. The Commander shall
  make a report of Post activities at each monthly membership meeting. He/she shall
  make an annual report in April of each year. This report will cover the past year's
  progress and activities of the Post and make recommendations for the future.
  He/she shall perform such other duties as directed by the membership. He/she shall
  sign or countersign all contracts and other instruments that are authorized by the
  Executive Board or membership.

Section 2  All other members of the Board shall perform such other duties as the Commander
  may direct.


Section 1 The National Headquarters of the American Legion encourages the operation of a
  social club for the entertainment, enjoyment and welfare of all the membership. It is
  a source of revenue that supports Post functions, our charities and aide for our
  hospitalized veterans.

Section 2 The bar and bar area will be managed by the Steward (also referred to as Manager).
  The kitchen and dining area will be managed by the Kitchen Manager. This does not
  preclude one individual from holding both positions at the direction of the Executive

Section 3 The Post Commander shall oversee all managers and present management reports to
  the Executive Board.

Section 4  Manager(s) shall be under written contract. The Executive Board and each manager,
  or their representative, shall be the negotiating parties.

Section 5 Managers will be bonded in the amount designated by the Finance Officer and the
  Executive Board.

Section 6 Managers will report to the Commander on the matters of daily operations, planned
  functions and monthly reports. Monthly reports will consist of all activities of their
  sections, inventory, use of funds and other pertinent information that is within the scope
  of their responsibility, as directed by the Commander.

Section 7 Managers shall have the authority and control of their sections. He/she shall ensure
  that all affairs of the Club are carried out in a business like manner.


Section 8 The Steward will ensure that the bar operation is in strict compliance with
  all P.L.C.B. rules and regulations, and that of any local authority.

Section 9 The Kitchen Manager will ensure that all areas of the kitchen and dining areas are
  maintained in a manner that health, fire and safety regulations are adhered to at all
  times. He/she will ensure that all food handlers have a current medical exam.

Section 10  Managers shall recommend, to the Commander, the hiring and dismissal of all
  personnel under their Supervision.

Section 11  Managers will ensure that all employees will abide by the uniform and/or dress code.
  Employees will be honest and shall be courteous to all guests.

Section 12 Managers will have a current detailed job description for each position under their
  supervision. Each employee shall have a copy of their job description to ensure that
  they have been informed as to their responsibilities.

Section 13  Employees shall file a report, to their manager, of any incidents that occur while they
  are on duty. If such incidents involve a member, the report will include the member's
  name, their club number, witnesses and a brief description of the incident. Managers
  shall forward reports that involve members to the Executive Board through the Post

Section 14  All Special Committee Chairpersons shall coordinate the needs for their functions
  through Club Managers as it pertains to their operations.

Section 15  Hours of operation and all other policies of the Club, Kitchen area and Meeting room
  will be determined by the Executive Board.

Section 16  Salaries and hourly wages for all employees shall be reviewed annually, in the month
  of April, by the Executive Board. The criteria to be used in determining compensation
  may be the progress and proceeds of the social areas, the length of service, job
  performance and recommendations from Manager(s).


Section 1  The membership of the American Legion Club shall consist of two (2) types, Regular
  members and Social members.

Section 2  Applications for Social membership, who must be age 21 or older, shall be accepted
  only with the recommendation of a Regular member who shall attest to the person's
  creditable character and deserving consideration. Applicant must be investigated and
  approved by the Executive Board. If the applicant is rejected, all fees tendered will be

Section 3  Social members shall be extended all of the privileges and courtesies in the Club to
  which Regular members are entitled. Social members cannot attend Post meetings
  and shall have no vote in governing the Post, nor shall they be eligible for any office,
  whether appointed or elected.

Section 4  The number of Social members accepted shall be regulated and determined by the
  Executive Board.

Section 5  Social members may express their opinions or recommendations regarding the
  operation of the Club's business by presenting them, in writing, to the Post Adjutant.
  The Post Adjutant shall then present the correspondence to the Executive Board.

Section 6  It shall be the duty of all members to report at once, to the Executive Board, any
  objection to an application for membership. It shall also be the duty of all members to
  support the Post in its Veterans Affairs program, obey all rules and regulations and
  display proper behavior in the Club and at all Club functions and to report, in writing
  and within thirty days, any change of address or phone number to the Club.

Section 7  The annual dues for Social members of the Club are payable as of October 1 st, but not
  later then December 31 st, for the following calendar year. Entrance to the Club will be
  denied when dues are not current.

Section 8  It will be the duty of any member who may desire litigation against the Club, according    to our by-laws, to first present their case to the Executive
  Board and make every effort through the Executive Board to arrange a satisfactory
  settlement. Any member must exhaust their administrative remedies before taking
  court action.

Section 9  A member introducing a guest is responsible and liable for any injury and all damage
  done in and about the building and property by such guest. This also includes any Club
  function off the premises. The visitor/guest must leave with the member.


Section 10  At no time shall any officer or member harass or threaten any employee or other     member in a sexual, mental or physical manner. If a complaint or a report of this nature    is made, all parties must appear before the Executive Board or face suspension.

Section 11 Any member who attempts to pass on false and/or unfounded statements concerning
  our Club, our Officers or another Member must be reported and shall appear before the
  Executive Board. Failure to appear will be automatic suspension.

Section 12  Members shall not remove any documents, equipment or items that are property of
  Post 980 from the building. If official business items are removed, member shall sign a
  receipt to the Post Adjutant as to the date of return. Post Adjutant must follow up on the
  return of any and all items.


Section 1  The proper control of funds of the Club is always a critical area that requires proper
  management to ensure the growth of our Club and adequate funding for all of our

Section 2  The Bar Manager (Steward) and the Kitchen Manager shall be responsible for the
  proper maintenance and recording of all transactions for their particular accounts. The
  amount of $5,000.00 for the Bar Account and $2,000.00 for the Kitchen Account shall
  be established as a reserve to those accounts. At the close out at the end of each
  month, any excess funds over the reserve amount shall be transferred into the General
  Fund. Any funds less than the reserve amount will be transferred from the General
  Fund into that account.


Section 1  These by-laws may be amended at any regular Post meeting by a two-thirds
  vote of the members present provided the following criteria has been met:

1. The proposed amendments shall have been submitted in writing and read
  at the preceding regular meeting.
2. Prior to membership vote, proposed amendment shall be reviewed by the Legal     Committee for its legality.


Section 1  The Executive Board shall be the agent in which all disciplinary problems are reviewed    and investigated to determine their recommendations for a hearing or to resolve the    matter by having the complainant and the accused reach an agreement. The committee    shall convene within ten days after receipt of an incident report or a complaint.

Section 2  When a hearing is to be held, all parties involved must appear before the Board. All
  witnesses shall be requested to appear, but may refuse without being criticized by the

Section 3  Members may be suspended from the Club only upon a proper showing of cause.

  Charges shall be based upon disloyalty, neglect of duty, dishonesty and conduct
  unbecoming a member of this Club. All charges must be made under oath in writing
  by the accusers and no member in good standing shall lose his/her membership until
  given a fair hearing by the Executive Board.

Section 4  A hearing by the Executive Board cannot legally establish the guilt of the accused,
  as understood in a court of law. It can only establish his/her guilt as affecting the
  Club's judgment of his/her fitness for membership. If the Executive Board finds a
  member guilty, the member must turn over membership and key cards to the

Section 5  A member has the right that allegations against his/her name shall not be made except
  by charges brought on reasonable ground. If a member is thus accused, he/she has
  the right to due process - that is, to be informed of the charge and given time to
  prepare their defense, to appear and defend their self and to be fairly treated.

Section 6  If the suspension is upheld, the member's name and days of suspension will be listed
  on the bulletin board.

Section 7  A hearing will be confidential; neither Board members nor any member involved in
  the hearing has the right to make public the charge or any other information of which
  a suspended member has been found guilty. To make any of the facts public may
  constitute libel and this will be considered a serious offense.


  The Executive Board may make a change to these Standing Rules with no amendment to   the by-laws being necessary.

Section 1  The Bar Room may be open from 7:00 am to 3:00 am everyday of the year, including
  Sundays and Holidays. No intoxicating beverages are to be consumed between the
  hours of 3:00 am and 7:00 am as per PENNSYLVANIA LIQUOR CONTROL BOARD.

Section 2  Normal operating hours of the bar will be as stated:

  Monday through Thursday   10:00 am to 2:00 am
  Friday   10:00 am to 3:00 am
  Saturday   9:00 am to 3:00 am
  Sunday  8:00 am to 12:00 am

Section 3  Closing hours may be flexible if patronage is not profitable to remain open. Last call
  will be made fifteen (15) minutes prior to closing. All patrons MUST leave at closing

Section 4  Only the bartender on duty or a Post Officer shall be permitted to open the outside
  door for any person not using a key card.

Section 5  Members are permitted a maximum of six (6) guests at anyone time. When a person
  visits for a third time as a guest, that guest must apply for a membership (excluding
  spouses and special events). Guests are not permitted to purchase alcoholic

Section 6  Every member introducing a guest is liable for any injury and all damage done in and
  about the building and property by such guest(s). The guest must leave with the

Section 7  Any member ringing the doorbell to enter, instead of using their assigned key card,
  must donate twenty five (25) cents to the Hospitalized Veterans Fund.

Section 8  Names of suspended members shall be posted on the Club bulletin board.

Section 9  Dress code shall be enforced as posted in the Club.

Section 10  Any member or guest entering the Club who appears to be intoxicated, will not be
  served and will be asked to leave.

Section 11  Any member who is not in good standing due to arrears in fines, dues or otherwise
  indebted, will not be permitted to be in the Club.

Section 12  Use of profane language, intoxication and conduct unbecoming is strictly prohibited.

  Any member involved in such actions shall be reported and must appear before the
  Executive Board.

Section 13  All members must produce their membership card when requested by either the
  bartender or an Officer of the Club.

Section 14  If a member is asked by the bartender on duty to leave and refuses the police may be
  called as a last resort to remove that person from the premises. The offending
  member shall be suspended until the next meeting of the Executive Board.

Section 15  Any Member or Officer affiliated with our Club may be removed or suspended for the
  following causes:

1. Dishonesty

2. Immoral conduct

3. Tending to reflect discredit upon the Club.

Section 16 No person under twenty one (21) years of age is permitted at the bar.

Section 17  No person under eighteen (18) years of age is permitted in the bar room after 9:00 pm.

Section 18  One (1) free drink shall be offered on a member's birthday.

Section 19  All Regular members in the bar room MUST attend regular or special meetings or
  LEAVE the premises.  Exceptions to this rule may be approved by the Commander.

Section 20  The Executive Board has full authority and is required to strictly enforce the preceding

Changes voted on and changed in May 2019.

Article IV – Management (continued)

Section 13
   Changed Managers shall forward reports that involve members to the    Executive Board through the Post Commander instead of the Post     Adjutant.
Section 17
   Age changed from 16 to 18 to conform to state law.

Article VI – Finance

Section 2
   Changed amounts kept in accounts for the bar to $5000.00 and     changed the Kitchen to $2000.00 to be more in line with reality.

Appendix – House Standing Rules

Section 19
   The rule concerning hats or other head ware not being worn in the bar    was voted on and passed in 2016 but never removed from this      document.  It has been deleted.

Section 19 (Previously section 20)
   Added exceptions to this rule may be approved by the Commander.